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Is the book Casey, Emma has the same surname – Clark – as Luna from Wild and Say No to Joe? Are they related?

This is just a case of a writer doing too many things at the same time and losing track of character names. I introduced Emma in the Buckhorn Brother books – Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe and Jordan – and totally forgot her last name.

Later I wrote Wild and introduced Luna Clark, then when I went back to write Casey, I realized Luna and Emma had the same last name. Please, ignore it and forgive me for sometimes being a ditz! (And actually, lots of real-life people have the same last name, yes?)

What happened to Jude, from Jude’s Law? He was partial owner of the SBC, but isn’t mentioned in any of the other SBC books.

Sorry for any confusion! Jude’s Law and Murphy’s Law were written for Kensington Publishing. The rest of the SBC fighters were written for Berkley. The way contracts are written, publishers have rights to characters/worlds/etc… That makes perfect sense, because a publisher invests a lot of expense in promoting a series. They wouldn’t want to develop a series only to have an author take that series elsewhere. But Kensington was very generous with me, and gave me permission to carry on with my fictionalized “SBC” organization. That said, many of my past characters make cameos in new books. Psst… you might catch a few updated peeks of Jude in the Ultimate Series.

Is Shay Sommers, in The Secret Life of Bryan, the same Shay from your Harlequin Temptation novel, Fantasy?

Yes she is! Fantasy, a Harlequin Temptation that features Shay’s sister, Brandy, as the heroine, was published in March 1998. At that time, I wanted to sell Shay’s story to Harlequin as well, but they repeatedly rejected it for being too “over the top” for the Harlequin Temptation line.

After I published with Kensington, I offered the books to them and they bought it! That explains the length of time between publications on two stories.

And the good news, for those of you who don’t have Fantasy but would now like a copy, is that Harlequin has reissued Fantasy a couple of times. A bit of a wait, but it is now available again.


Are you going to write more Buckhorn stories?

Yes! The next generation of Buckhorns are being reintroduced in my benefit books. I’ve already written several of them, and my plan is to continue to do so until I run out of characters. Benefit books are novellas where my advanced and all of my royalties automatically go to a charity. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for the life of the book — and so far my books all continue to “live.”

Are you going to write more Winston brothers stories other than the Visitation offshoot?

For awhile now I’ve been kicking around ideas for related books that would include Joe’s kids — Willow and Austin. But I don’t know when that might happen because I’m so busy with a different set of characters right now.

However, I have two novellas related to the Winstons. The first is Deuces Wild, in Double The Pleasure with Dexter Winston, and the second is for his twin brother, Hart Winston, Hart and Soul.

In the reissued compilation book Bewitched there was a story titled, “Married to the Boss” that doesn’t quite wrap up some threads, especially concerning secondary characters Megan and Conner. Is there a continuation to that story?

Married to the Boss was actually book 5 of a long series by various authors called a “continuity” with the overall series title of Maitland Maternity. There was something like 12 or 15 different books in the continuity, and each story had to tie in with other authors’ stories. I took part in that series so long ago that I don’t recall how it all got settled, but here’s a link that shows all of the books. Check out all the ways you can currently read this story.