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Will you be writing more novellas?

Absolutely! Novellas are a nice change from a longer book. They’re what I consider quick gratification. For a few years now I’ve been doing benefit novellas, one a year, where all author and agent proceeds from sales of the book go to wonderful, local charities.

Many of the novellas link back to the Buckhorn stories with the next generation. All proceeds from Buckhorn second generation novellas are dedicated to my local no-kill animal shelter. Check them out – you can enjoy a fun read and help animals in need at the same time!

So many of your books are connected. Where can I find a list of the connecting books and series?

My connected books page will allow you to view my books by series. You will also find a listing of my stand-alone books that are not part of any series, and see all the stories that are available exclusively as part of anthologies.

Character carry-over

The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series has a character carryover to the Love Undercover series.

The Love Undercover series introduces Cannon, who is a hero in the Ultimate series.

Secondary heroes from the Ultimate series become heroes in the Body Armor series and the Love Undercover series.

Why do some of your reissues have different covers and titles?

Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster

I’m traditionally published (vs.independently published) so that’s strictly up to the publisher. I have no real say on when or how a book will be reissued. However, when a book is reissued years after the original publication date, it only makes sense to give it a fresh look and title that reflect the current times. It is not meant as a way to dupe readers into buying the same book, but rather it’s a means to let new readers acquire some hard to find copies they may have missed earlier.

See Lori’s most recent reissues.

What are your “benefit books”?

For several years now I’ve organized special benefit romances where all author and agent royalties go to local charities/causes.

Initially I invited other authors to take part, and I contributed a novella. Now, with digital books so popular, I do the benefit books alone. The current benefit books published by Harlequin are only offered digitally – unless you attend the Reader & Author Get Together where I have a limited number of printed benefit novellas to offer.

When I have some left over, I offer them on my Facebook page in exchange for a donation to my favorite shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation. For more info about the causes close to my heart, visit my charities page.

You can find a complete listing of my benefit books here.