About the Animal Adoption Foundation

The Animal Adoption Foundation is a non-profit no-kill shelter for dogs and cats that have been abused or abandoned. AAF provides a safe and humane environment for dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted. Their caring volunteers and generous, loving donors enable us to provide a safe and happy haven for their special friends. The shelter currently houses approximately 85 cats and dogs.

Their Mission

-To provide a safe shelter and humane environment for dogs and cats who have been abandoned or abused
-To promote animal adoptions and prepare cats and dogs for adopters
-To provide proper veterinary care for dogs and cats who are waiting to be adopted
-To provide each animal with proper nutrition, love, and attention while in their care
-To educate the public about responsible pet ownership
-To work with humane societies and animal shelters for the common goal of humane treatment for all animals

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Benefit Books

  • The Two of Us

  • Bray

  • Marcus

  • Colt

  • Jax

  • Love Unleashed

  • Boone

  • Tucker

  • A Buckhorn Baby

  • A Buckhorn Bachelor

  • A Buckhorn Summer

  • Back to Buckhorn

  • Animal Attraction

  • Love Bites

  • Tails of Love