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It’s Outrageous!

January 21, 2019

Lori’s classic novella, Outrageous, has been reissued in ebook format with a hot new guy on a hot new cover!

“Purposefully holding her gaze, determined to make her look away, he let his fingers move to the top of his pants. As he slowly unhooked the fly, one snap at a time, teasing his audience, teasing her more, she reeled back and one dainty hand touched her chest.

Read an excerpt, listen to an audio clip, check out the Manga version, then pre-order your copy today so you have it in hand when it releases on May 13.

Say Yes Reissued in Ebook

January 14, 2019

“Sara always smelled of sunshine and softness and woman. He lowered his mouth to her ear.”

Say yes to Lori’s classic novella, Say Yes, which has been reissued for the first time in ebook format. If you haven’t yet met Sara and Gavin, read an excerpt, listen to an audio clip, then order your copy in your favorite e-reader format today!

Slow Ride: The excerpt is here!

January 7, 2019

“A curl of heat teased through her system. Yes, she had a definite type, favoring rugged, rough men. Real men.”

The first steamy chapter of Slow Ride, book 2 in Lori’s newest Road to Love series which releases on March 12 is now available! Meet Ronnie and Jack in this exclusive excerpt, then pre-order in audio, ebook, print or hardback today!

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