The Love Shack - Lori Foster

The Love Shack

Book 3 in the Indiana Summers Series

Something’s happening with the Love Shack, the town’s first animal shelter. It seems both the animals and the meddlesome locals are conspiring to bring together two lonely hearts.

When Berkley Carr opened Love Shack Animal Haven, she thought she’d finally put her past behind her. But sometimes she feels the sting of the scandal from her youth, especially when she crosses paths with her handsome neighbor. So she keeps her head down and pours all her love into caring for animals.

Lawson Salder moved to Cemetery, Indiana, to get away from the grinding poverty of his childhood. He barely knows Berkley, but every time he sees her, the shame and pain come crashing back. He’s aware she’s got some major baggage of her own. They’re better off just avoiding each other.

But that’s impossible in a town full of matchmaking busybodies. The animals seem in on the scheme, too! Berkley’s thieving cat keeps stealing things from him, and her rescue dog repeatedly tries to save Lawson, even though he doesn’t need saving…

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The Love Shack

is Book 3 in the Indiana Summers Series

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The Love Shack

by Lori Foster
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