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The Love Undercover Series

Nothing will stop an alpha hero from winning the woman of his dreams in the red-hot Love Undercover series. 

About the Love Undercover Series

About the Love Undercover Series

Undercover men and women meet amid danger, risking it all to protect the innocent and falling in love against the odds.

Character carry-over

A character in the second book in this series (Bare it All) was introduced in book 2 (Trace of Fever) in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series.

Cannon, introduced in book 3, Getting Rowdy, appears as the main character of No Limits, book 1 in the Ultimate series.

The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series has a character carryover to the Love Undercover series.

The Love Undercover series introduces Cannon, who is a hero in the Ultimate series.

Secondary heroes from the Ultimate series become heroes in the Body Armor series.

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