How can I find your L.L. Foster books? - Lori Foster

How can I find your L.L. Foster books?

Lori Foster writing as LL Foster

The Servant Series

Book 1: The Awakening
Book 2: The Acceptance
Book 3: The Kindred

Gabrielle Cody has the ability to see the demons among us as they really are-and she suffers the responsibility to destroy them. She can’t allow anyone to get in her way, even the magnetic Detective Luther Cross. But when malevolent beings attack, Gaby and Luther must join forces to win against unimaginable evil – and in the process, they find more than a need for justice.


Extras for the Servant Series

Book Trailer

Kindred, Manga Style

Romantic Times Interview

Servant Stepback

The Jardines Series

For centuries, males in the Jardine family have been born with a gift: they can sense, capture and manipulate the emotions of others. Such a talent comes with grave responsibility, and the Jardine men, working with high-level government officials, have been given immunity to tame the more psychotic edges of society.

Book 1: Out of the Light, Into the Shadows
Short Story: Christmas Candi

This series features an anthology, Out of the Light, Into the Shadows, containing the L.L. Foster story Total Control, and the Lori Foster story Have Mercy, followed by the short story, Christmas Candi.

Stories Not Part of a Series

The Skin Beneath, included in the anthology Harrowing Horrors: Hanged Man—featuring six stories from J.Z. Foster, Lori Foster (writing as L.L. Foster), and Justin M. Woodward.

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