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Is it Tuesday yet?

July 29, 2018

Here are six cool things to do on while we all wait for Cooper’s Charm to be in readers hands on Tuesday:

1. Revisit the Love Undercover Series. Which is your favorite hero? Logan, Reese, Rowdy, or Dash? (Post your fave on Lori’s Facebook wall: #LoveUndercover)

2. Read the excerpt from Cooper’s Charm again (and know you can just keep reading on Tuesday!)

3. Check out the Buckhorn Brothers Family Tree (because it can be a challenge to keep track of which hottie is whose).

4. Subscribe to Lori’s news feed so you don’t miss any newly posted content — This is different from Lori’s newsletter, which you are probably subscribed to already. What? You’re not? Well, you should do it now!

5. Look through the cool Manga covers for 13 of Lori’s novels (takes a second to load). Click on any of them to see a few outtakes. (Which is your favorite? Pin it!)

6. Try to preorder your ebook of Cooper’s Charm, just to make sure you already did. And then it will download right after midnight Tuesday morning and you can stay up all night to see what happens. (Plus, by pre-ordering you will be supporting the Animal Adoption Foundation!)

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