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Find out why Lori likes small town settings…

…and a lot more in her interview at the blog Let Them Read Books! Plus enter to win a copy of No Limits… the giveaway is open for one more week!

Lori Interviews Mark Harmon!

Earlier this week, The Huffington Post asked Lori to contribute to an interview with NCIS star Mark Harmon. Watch it here! He’s handsome and thoughtful the whole time, but if you’d like to skip to Lori’s question, jump to about the 09:50 mark.

First Look at Holiding Strong

USA TODAY’s Happily Ever After has done the honors of unveiling Denver’s cover… check it out! Hint: it is super yummy. And it will be live here on LoriFoster.com tomorrow!

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Another Way to Help the Animal Adoption Foundation!

Every year, Lori dedicates a benefit book for which all author and agent proceeds goes to supporting a good cause. Since 2011, the books have benefited the (AAF). Want to contribute? There are two easy ways.

  1. Buy a book! Buying Back to Buckhorn, Animal Attraction, Love Bites, or Tails of Love will all make money for the AAF.
  2. Donate through Lori and get a copy of an extremely limited edition print copy of Back to Buckhorn and Buckhorn Ever After. Get all the details in Lori’s Goodreads blog post.

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