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Book on Sale!

eBook copies of Murphy’s Law is just $1.99 for a limited time! If you haven’t read it yet, this is a great time to head to your favorite bookstore!

And if you’ve been following alone with the Harlequin Hero of the Year championship, Armie’s made it to the final round! Have you voted?

Time to get Uncovered

Uncovered, a novella originally published in 2008, has been brought out by itself for the first time! You can get it as a novella, in an 3-novella anthology (print and digital), or in audiobook.

Is Armie your favorite hero of the year?

My publisher, Harlequin, has used reader nominations to narrow down to the Top 16 Heroes of 2016 – and Armie, from Fighting Dirty, is in the running! Vote for your favorites in four single elimination rounds!

Want a signed book?

Lori hopped in her RV and signed copies of Don’t Tempt Me at five midwest bookstores. If you’re close to Ohio or Indiana, why not take a trip to your local brick and mortar bookstore?

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