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Lori on the Radio!

Tune into Cincinnati’s WGRR 103.5 Monday morning to hear Lori interviewed on the “Married with Microphones” morning show. Not local? You can listen online!

Jude’s Law is just $1.99

Digital copies of Jude’s Law are discounted to $1.99 for a limited time. Why not indulge?

Body Heat – New Again!

It’s been over fifteen years since this story first released, but Body Heat is new again with a brand new cover! Have you read it? Try an excerpt, or order YOUR copy today!

Rave Reviews for Under Pressure

The reviews for Under Pressure are coming in and they’re looking good! Publishers Weekly promises, “Teasing and humorous dialogue, sizzling sex scenes, tender moments, and overriding tension.” Read more on the book page.

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