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The Answer to Two Important Questions:

What draws Lori to MMA in her Ultimate series—and which of the Ultimate covers is the hottest? Head over to the Harlequin Blog to read all about it and cast your vote.

Rave reviews coming in for Holding Strong!

The reviews for Holding Strong are coming in and they’re looking good! RT recommends the whole series, saying, “The men of Foster’s Ultimate series may be powerful fighters, but they are all heart.” Read more on the book page.

Pay Less! $1 Off HOLDING STRONG!

There’s a special deal for my newsletter subscribers who have access to my Members Only section. Head over there and get access to a coupon for $1 off Holding Strong, the latest in the Ultimate series. The coupon is only valid from 3/31-4/30, so keep that in mind and don’t miss your chance!

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