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What made you keep at it after multiple rejections?

Did I mention my middle name is stubborn? What about obnoxiously determined? The more rejections I got, the more I wanted to prove them all wrong.

I have great faith in my abilities. I honestly think I can do anything I set my mind to – although I’d never set my mind to swimming with sharks or visiting the moon.


I’m also blessed to have the most supportive husband and kids in the whole world. They think I can do anything, and they convince me.

What tools (conferences, reference books, etc.) have you found particularly helpful?

None. I hate research books. Boring! I’d much prefer to speak with someone who specializes in what I need, such as police, firefighters and forensic experts. I like to chat with coroners and school teachers and vets. I like picking a doctor’s brain and bugging my friend who is a nurse. Talking with someone and getting their personal take on careers and experiences is always more interesting than reading it in a book.

What kind of input does an author have in her cover art?

That depends on the author and the publisher. Back when I wrote category, I had very little (as in none!) input on the covers. But since I’ve been writing single titles I get a lot of opportunity to weigh in. My biggest request is always that the heroes have chest hair. It seems models are often shaved or waxed and I would never, ever write a hero who spent time doing that.

Many of my reissue covers are slick-chested guys. But the new single titles almost always feature guys with chest hair.