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Stories vs. Editions, how do I use

A note from the web team: Presenting Lori’s books to readers has always been a bit of a challenge — so many of her books have been re-released with new covers and sometimes even under new titles. Navigating Lori’s reissues vs new stories and how to know if you’ve read the story already is one of the most asked about issues among readers.

Here is it in a nutshell:

You read a STORY, you buy an EDITION.

The EDITION is the specific purchasable item, something you buy, and contains the story. The STORY can be reissued over and over in individual editions — under new covers, or in anthologies bundles.

To make it easier on readers (who are always asking about this), we’ve made a distinction between the two.

On this site, story pages look like this, and this — here is another one. These all start with a story description (the cover copy). These story pages will almost always include an excerpt to read.

At the bottom of story pages, we’ve gathered all the editions that said story appears in. For instance, one of Lori’s stories, Caught in the Act, appears in (as of early 2018) six different editions, under three different titles, twice on its own, and four times coming to readers with either another of Lori’s stories, or in this case of this edition, bundled with a story by another author altogether.

If you click on any cover at the bottom of a story page you come to a page devoted to that edition. An edition page features order links only for that edition, but will link you to the story page with links to both the story overview and an excerpt.

For new releases, you can use these pages: NEW STORIES and REISSUES.

To further help clarify as you get deeper into the site, we’ve identified nearly all the edition covers on this site as being a NEW STORY or a REISSUE. This identifiers are beneath the covers.

We will continue to streamline and clarify. Input is always welcome!

–Lori’s web team

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