Drive Me Wild - Lori Foster

Drive Me Wild

Book 3 in the Brava Girlfriends Series

Drive Me Wild is featured in the anthology I Brake for Bad Boys and is not available on its own.

Drive Me Wild

Book 3 in the Brava Girlfriends Series

Drive Me Wild is featured in the anthology I Brake for Bad Boys and is not available on its own.

Assertive Erica Lee is used to having the upper hand in business, her love life–everything. On a dare, she boldly approaches hunky, mischievous Ian Conrad with a scandalous proposal. Ian isn’t intimidated in the least by Erica–and he’s been hoping for just this opportunity. Seems like Erica might have finally met a man who can keep up with her…

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Drive Me Wild

is Book 3 in the Brava Girlfriends Series

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Drive Me Wild

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She’d gotten herself into a pickle this time.

Too distracted to work, Erica Lee slouched back in her office chair and blew her bangs out of her face. Who would have thought that uptight Asia and ultra-shy Becky would have followed through on the dares? Erica sure hadn’t. But with only a little prodding both of them had traipsed right over there and done the unexpected.

It boggled the mind, it surely did.

Now her turn had rolled around and hey, it wasn’t that she had anything against porn shops or fantasies or the like. But where the hell did they expect her to find a man who wouldn’t be a pain in the patoot?

Of course, for them it had turned out great. That is, if one considered marriage great. Erica was still undecided on that particular point. Then again, footloose and fancy-free wasn’t really working for her either.

She winced over that sad truth.

In the next second her office door slammed open with startling force. She jumped a foot and almost fell out of her rolling chair. She was alone in the office, and in fact, the entire floor was deserted while employees attended some meeting that she’d managed to opt out of. She’d been so lost in thought she hadn’t even heard anyone approaching.

Holding a hand to her heart and ready to blast the noisy offender, Erica looked up – and up some more until she fell headlong into the mesmerizing midnight gaze of none other than Ian Conrad.

Oh boy. Her heartbeat didn’t calm with recognition. Nope. If anything, it tripped even faster. Ian was just so… so male.

Hot around the collar and sweaty, clad in blue jeans, a dirty cambric work shirt and scuffed lace-up black boots, Ian epitomized all that was man. He wasn’t particularly handsome, at least not in the classical sense, but that didn’t lessen his impact one bit.

His features were bold with a strong straight high-bridged nose, a powerful chin, and high, harshly carved cheekbones. His eyes were the darkest blue and piercing in intensity – the type of eyes that froze a woman to the spot whenever he directed his attention on her. His dark brown hair was more straight than not, a little shaggy and unkempt.

Bracing his long thick legs apart, he filled the doorway – and then some.

Well well. Quiet, masterful, impossible-to-ignore Ian. Erica raised a brow, wondering what had put him in such a temper when in the past she’d never seen him so much as frown – even when she’d deliberately provoked him.

Unlike most of the men she knew, Ian was always calm and always firmly in control – of himself and everyone around him.

Not that she’d ever let him control her. “I’ve witnessed more polite entries.”

She’d meant to be a smart-ass, of course, but her attitude got snagged in her throat when Ian took two long heavy strides to her desk, braced strong, lean hands flat on the surface, and bent down – way down – until his nose nearly touched hers.

Good Lord, she could see every eyelash surrounding those mesmerizing eyes, feel his warm breath against her lips and smell his raw, potent scent.

“I know exactly what you’re up to, Erica.”

Her eyes widened over that gravel-deep voice that seemed to sink right into her bones. Combined with the heat of his gaze, his rough tone was impossible to misunderstand. It was that man to woman tone, and sexual awareness rolled over her. Feeling helpless, she asked, “You do?”

“Damn right.” His mouth appeared tight with annoyance, but still sexy. “Your buddy George was more than willing to spell it out.”

Her gaze snapped back to his. “George spoke to you?” With Becky as a best friend, and George as Becky’s fiancé, she supposed he could be considered a buddy. That is, unless he’d done something to irk her – and given Ian’s unusual mood, it sounded like he might have.

In that case, Erica would have George’s hide.

“No, he didn’t speak to me. And that’s most of the problem right there.”

Ian’s disgruntled scowl was dark enough to make grown men tremble. No wonder he kept it under wraps in polite company. Not that Erica intended to tremble in front of him. Later, when she was away from him and remembering how close he’d gotten and how delicious he smelled, she might shake a little. But no way would she let him know he affected her that much.

“Well, if George didn’t speak to you, then..?” She let the sentence hang, waiting for him to explain.

“He didn’t. But he did tell a couple of other guys what you have planned at that damn porn shop.”

Erica’s mouth fell open. It took a lot to shock her, and this definitely qualified. She sputtered a moment before finding her voice. “Why, that miserable rat!”

Ian straightened, studied her a second more and then waved away her indignation. “Forget that. Hell, the whole factory knows what you and Asia and Becky have been up to so it’s hardly a secret.”

She’d just gotten her mouth shut when it dropped open again. “They don’t!”

“You’re not naïve, Erica. You know something like that can’t be kept quiet. Hell, I’d be surprised if all of Cuther doesn’t know about it.”

Erica shot out of her chair to pace. She, Asia and Becky had made a deal when the new porn shop, Wild Honey, had opened up in their miserably quiet hometown of Cuther , Indiana . They were each to visit the somewhat titillating establishment with a specific fantasy in mind. As soon as they spotted a man shopping for wares that indicated a similar interest, they had to ask him out.

Asia had gotten off easy when Cameron overheard the initial discussion as well as the fantasy she’d claimed. Without letting on, he’d visited the shop on the right day at the right time and he’d specifically purchased items that would draw Asia to him, as per the dare. Since Cameron had already been half in love with Asia , one thing had led to another and they’d quickly advanced from making love to making wedding plans.

Then Cameron had played big brother and helped set Becky up so she got exactly what she was looking for too – in both her fantasy and her male choice. George had been something of a surprise, but Erica liked him. Or at least she had before he let the cat out of bag. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Becky and George were currently shopping for engagement rings while Asia and Cameron had just tied the knot. As the only unattached female still in their circle, that left Erica out in the cold. Not that she wanted to be married, because she didn’t. No sir. Huh uh.

It didn’t matter that George and Cameron made it look so damn appealing with the way they catered to Becky and Asia and kept them both smiling like lovesick saps. Hell, these days it was downright nauseating to be around any of them, they all walked around in such a vacuous fog of romantic bliss.

Fuming, Erica whirled around to face Ian. “Who did George tell it to?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” She didn’t exactly mean to screech, but there were only around two hundred workers at the factory and everyone pretty much recognized everyone else. “What department do they work in?”

He narrowed his eyes. “I didn’t see them, Erica. I was in the ceiling wiring the lights when they walked in. They didn’t even know I was there and I didn’t care to announce myself.”

“Never mind then.” She started to go around him. “I’ll find out.” And when she did, she’d…

Blocking the door, Ian crossed his massive arms over his wide chest and glared at her. “It doesn’t matter who they are because you’re not meeting up with either one of them.”

Erica drew to an indignant halt. She hadn’t planned to go anywhere with either of the men, but oh boy, Ian’s tone was guaranteed to get her back up. She knew him well enough since they worked in the same company and their paths often crossed. They chatted regularly, too, especially when he’d rewired her office, but then, she chatted with all the men.

Unfortunately, she was more aware of Ian than the others. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something about him just really got to her – and she didn’t like that. She didn’t want to be drawn to him, but how could she not? When Ian was around, his personality was so quietly dominant that every other guy faded into the woodwork.

Regardless of all that, there was no way in hell she’d let Ian or any other man dictate to her.

Holding his steady gaze, she stalked closer toward him, her stride as long as her leather mini skirt would allow. “I’ll see them, and a dozen other men, if that’s what I want to do.”

“No.” He stared down at her from his lofty height. “You’ll see me.”

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by Lori Foster
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