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The Winston novellas: problem solved!

April 25, 2020

Well, almost solved. Yes, there was a major mixup at the production level. No, Lori had no idea that it had happened until it was already in reader hands (her publishers are so sorry). And phew, Amazon has issued a fix and TeamLori expects the other vendors to do so as well quickly.

For the lowdown and the how-to for updating the correct ebook, please click over to this FAQ: The twin-cousin Winston novellas mix-up (No, you aren’t crazy).


And a big thank you to everyone who has showed a lot of patience with this, plus a quick note from TeamLori to everyone who is actually angry and posting mean reviews and bitter social posts: We know you are frustrated, but please remember that Lori is traditionally published, not indy, and she has no control over mistakes like this. But moreover, the publisher didn’t mean to do it either, they’ve fixed it as promptly as possible once they knew of the mistake, and everyone is very sorry.

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