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The Dark Side of Lori Foster…

September 24, 2019

Tales so dark, they’re sure to whisper to you while you sleep.

Did you know that Lori has also written urban fantasy/horror under the name L.L. Foster? If you are intrigued, there is a new (short) story coming soon. It’s called The Skin Beneath and you can read it in her son J.Z. Foster’s anthology Harrowing Horrors: Hanged Man. It will be releasing digitally September 26 (look for print links shortly thereafter). Pre-order your copy digitally now.

Meet Mina Hansen. She has a terrifying secret, chilling enough that her family locked her away…burying her — and her darkness. Only one man, Peter Grogan, isn’t afraid. 

NEXT FROM LORI FOSTER: don’t forget All Fired Up, book 3 in Lori’s Road to Love series, will be out November 19!

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