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Cooper's Charm by Lori Foster Promotion for the Animal Adoption Foundation

Thank you for pre-ordering Cooper’s Charm to help Lori raise funds for our furry friends.

Your donations have helped to make a difference in an animal’s life.
This promotion has ended, but be sure and subscribe to Lori’s site news so you don’t miss a thing.


Note: In 2018 after 41 years of serving local children in need, the One Way Farm Children’s Home made the difficult decision to close its doors is no longer accepting donations.

One Way Farm Children’s Home provides residential care 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our agency provides an Animal Education Therapy Program, an Employment Training Program, Counseling Services and a Youth Program to further the healing of our children, all very unique programs.

We have served approximately 8,500 children and have been in business since 1976. We are licensed by the Job and Family Services and serve children from throughout the State of Ohio. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and located in Butler County in southwestern Ohio. Our continuing goal is to provide for the best interest of the child.

Benefit Book

The Promise of Love


The Lori Foster Bookjunkys (a Yahoo group for readers and writers) sponsors an ongoing “Troop Project”. Headed up by Laurie Damron and enhanced by collections at the annual “Reader and Author Get Together”, items and money (for shopping) are donated so that several times a year care packages filled with fun and sometimes necessary items can be mailed off to various active-duty military troops.

More on the Troop Project » Contact Laurie Damron at [email protected]

Benefit Book

The Write Ingredients


About the Animal Adoption Foundation

The Animal Adoption Foundation is a non-profit no-kill shelter for dogs and cats that have been abused or abandoned. AAF provides a safe and humane environment for dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted. Their caring volunteers and generous, loving donors enable us to provide a safe and happy haven for their special friends. The shelter currently houses approximately 85 cats and dogs.

Their Mission

-To provide a safe shelter and humane environment for dogs and cats who have been abandoned or abused
-To promote animal adoptions and prepare cats and dogs for adopters
-To provide proper veterinary care for dogs and cats who are waiting to be adopted
-To provide each animal with proper nutrition, love, and attention while in their care
-To educate the public about responsible pet ownership
-To work with humane societies and animal shelters for the common goal of humane treatment for all animals

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Benefit Books

  • The Two of Us

  • Bray

  • Marcus

  • Colt

  • Jax

  • Love Unleashed

  • Boone

  • Tucker

  • A Buckhorn Baby

  • A Buckhorn Bachelor

  • A Buckhorn Summer

  • Back to Buckhorn

  • Animal Attraction

  • Love Bites

  • Tails of Love