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The McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series

To protect society’s most vulnerable, they’re highly trained to anticipate every situation... except love.

About the McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series

About the McKenzies of Ridge Trail Series

Ridge Trail is a tiny Colorado mountain town where nothing is as it seems and dark secrets run deep. Beneath its sleepy surface, the rough-and-tumble McKenzie family works tirelessly—and privately—to protect the most vulnerable and seek justice.

Three siblings—two brothers and a sister—have been groomed by their father to learn all manner of defense and offense so they can help those who can’t help themselves. Cade is a medically retired Ranger (bad knee) and still a badass who runs a bar as a cover for his covert activities. Reyes runs a gym for the same reason, and is not only a deadly sniper but also versed in MMA. Madison is a computer whiz and usually works behind the scenes, but when necessary, she has the same lethal edge as her brothers.

Character carry-over

A secondary character in Stronger Than You Know, Jodi Bentley, appears as a main character in The Dangerous One, book 1 in the Osborn Brothers series.