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Download Music from Lori’s Book Trailers

From the No Limits Book Trailer

Lori had some incredible music written and produced for her book trailer for No Limits. Once again composed by Frank Williams and performed by Audrey Drlik, this fantastic song is available as a free download for anyone who wants it!


From the Getting Rowdy Book Trailer

Did you love the music used in the book trailer for Getting Rowdy? It’s a beautiful song with lyrics written by Lori Foster’s own husband. Aaron Brown from Onion Creek Productions, the producer of the video, hired Audrey Drlik to sing, and Frank Williams composed the music. Make it a part of your music collection forever with this free download.


Download Instructions

Use the links above to download the song, or songs, to your computer. Then you can add it to your favorite music player. If you’re not sure how to add a song to iTunes without downloading it from the Store, here are some helpful instructions straight from Apple. Most music players behave about the same way!



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Book Extras

See the The Buckhorn Brothers Family Tree!

Buckhorn Brothers Family Tree

Click to open the Family Tree much bigger in a new window.


Lori was a Clue!

Lori Foster was a clue in a New York Times crossword puzzle in August 2004, and was a clue in a USAToday puzzle in October 2010! Download the printable NYT crossword puzzle and play the USAToday puzzle online.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

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Jude’s Law Jigsaw Puzzle

Oldies but Goodies

Winston Brothers Cover Jigsaw Puzzle
Jamie Jigsaw Puzzle

Book Title Crossword

Thanks to reader friend, Kelly Callihan, here’s a Lori Foster crossword puzzle for you to solve!
(Hint: The puzzle involves Lori’s book titles.)

Crossword Puzzle and Answers

Order more crossword puzzles from the New York Times.


Lori is giving away a great variety of bookmarks, magnets, brochures, etc… FREE to readers for an SASE – “Self Addressed Stamped Envelope:”

1) Put your own address in both the to and from fields.

2) Put 2 “Forever” stamps, or regular price stamps, on the envelope.

3) Make sure the envelope is *business size,* 4.125″ x 9.5″ (If you send a smaller envelope, there’s nothing much Lori can send you.)

4) Fold that envelope and put it into *another* envelope so you can mail it to Lori at:

Lori Foster
P. O. Box 854
Ross OH 45061

Lori will fit in as many available goodies as she can and get it right back to you!

If you already have some goodies, and want something specific, include a note for for her!


Download Servant screensaver

Download the Buckhorn screensaver

Download the SBC screensaver

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