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Do you enjoy meeting readers?

I LOVE meeting readers! It’s my favorite perk of being a writer. I love discussing books – not just mine, but any favorites. Readers are people who enjoy the same things I do. It’s like a peer group! That’s why I’ve set up the Annual Reader and Author Get Together.

The event happens every June, with registration opening in early March.

It’s a great gathering of readers, writers, and industry professionals in a very casual setting with plenty of time to chat, take photos, ask questions and just have fun! We have amazing raffles, lots of freebie gifts, two booksigning, meals and parties. Everyone is welcome!

For more info on the Get Together, look here.

Do you have a comfort food?

Chicken and noodles if I’m actually eating a meal. I love it! Plain stuff, but sooo good. Better Cheddars or Goldfish pretzels and Mountain Dew if I’m snacking. I don’t drink alcohol, but if I’m upset or harried or feeling especially emotional, I swill Mountain Dew and can eat an entire box of Better Cheddars. This is bingeing big time for me, since I normally avoid caffeine.

Isn’t your son an author as well?

Since grade school, my son – writing as J.Z. Foster – has been concocting stories with high concepts that blew me away. Honestly, I always figured he’d be a writer one day…and now I feel so smart, because he is! Like his mama, he helped teach himself to write by writing and has already finished several books. He waited, however, until he had it just right and now Witch Hunter: Into the Outside is available for purchase. Check out his other books.

If you like the Supernatural series with the mix of horror elements and humor, check out WITCH HUNTER! Richard Fitcher is not your usual hero but he gets the job done…with a little hilarity along the way. Happy reading!

What are some of your all-time favorite romance books and are any of them are from the 70’s and 80’s?

I can give you titles, but I don’t know dates without dragging out my stash of books. Let’s see, the MacKenzies by Linda Howard.

Those early trilogies by Catherine Coulter, like (I forget titles) the couples Knight and Lily, Burke and Ariel, and Alec and Genny. I loved all of those trilogies and have them all for rereading marathons.

All of the Johanna Lindsey books, especially the one with Thunder and Angel. Oh, and the Mallorys! What an awesome family of men.

Anything by Julie Garwood, but especially The Bride, Lion’s Lady, and my all time fave, Honor’s Splendor.

My more current favorites are Katie McGarry’s amazing YA books. There something about first love, especially the way Katie writes it. West if my current favorite hero of hers, but I’ve LOVED each and every book.

Also, the Lucky Harbor and Animal Magnetism books by Jill Shalvis. Hilariously funny and sexy too!

What made you decide to write?

I was always a daydreamer and I always had stories in my head. But I didn’t know I wanted to write until I was grown and already had 3 sons. Then I got sick once (like with pneumonia) and because I felt too yucky to even get out of bed, my sister brought me over a bag of romance novels. I was instantly hooked! Almost immediately, probably within two years, I went from being a reader to wanting to write the same type of books I loved to read.

Why did you choose romance?

Because I like character-driven stories, I enjoy romance, and my absolute must-have for any form of entertainment is a happy ending. Romance is the only genre I know that can give you such a variety – comedy, paranormal, suspense, family-oriented, contemporary and historical – and still guarantee you the happy ending.