Love Undercover Series

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Run the Risk

(September, 2012)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373776955

    • Detective Logan Riske & Pepper Yates’ story
    • Logan Riske is a detective going undercover to find a witness to murder.

Bare It All

(April, 2013)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373777617

    • Reese Bareden is Logan Riske’s friend and also a detective, who hooks up with a familiar female character from the previous series to fight against injustice.
    • Detective Reese Bareden is drawn to Alice, a familiar female character from the Men Of Honor series.
    • Alice appeared as a secondary character in Trace of Fever.
    • Trace visits Alice in Bare it All.

Getting Rowdy

(September, 2013)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373777792

    • Rowdy Yates is brother to Logan’s heroine. He’s still walking a fine line between breaking the law, and enforcing it, until he meets the right woman.

Dash of Peril

(March, 2014)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373778577

    • Lieutenant Peterson & Dash Riske's story
    • Dash Riske is a brother to Detective Logan Riske, and friend to Detective Reese Bareden
    • Lt. Margaret Peterson is superior to Logan and Reese

Run the Risk & Bare It All: Love Undercover Volume 1

(July, 2015)

Getting Rowdy & Dash of Peril: Love Undercover Volume 2

(July, 2015)

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