Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series publication date and reissue timeline: Choose any title to see all available editions of that story.

The Guy Next Door

(February, 2011)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373775569

    • Jett Sutter & Natalie Alexander’s story.
    • Jett is a Private Investigator and Natalie is a school teacher, from When You Dare.
    • This novella ties in with the first single title in the new "Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor" series.

When You Dare

(April, 2011)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373775712

    • Dare MacIntosh and Molly Alexander’s story.
    • Molly is sister to Natalie, from The Guy Next Door anthology.
    • Dare is one of the operatives from an elite group, started by Trace Rivers. Molly is a writer.

Trace of Fever

(May, 2011)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373775750

    • Trace Rivers and Priscilla Patterson Trace Rivers is the head of the operative group.
    • Priss is owner of an adult store.

Savor the Danger

(June, 2011)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373775828

    • Jackson Savor and Alani River’s story Jackson works with Trace and Dare.
    • Alani is Trace’s younger sister.

A Perfect Storm

(April, 2012)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373776566

    • Arizona is Jackson’s “little sister.”
    • Spencer is working with Dare, Trace and Jackson

What Chris Wants

(January, 2013)

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Box Set

(May, 2014)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-1460375556

When You Dare and Hard Knocks

(February, 2015)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373789054

Ready, Set, Jett!

(Reissued Story: December, 2015)

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