Body Armor Series

Body Armor Series publication date and reissue timeline: Choose any title to see all available editions of that story.

Wild Winter Nights

(December, 2016)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-1488024986

    • A free extended excerpt from Under Pressure and eleven other romance novels.

Under Pressure

(Original Release: January, 2017)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-0373789931

    • The Body Armor series is a spin-off of the Ultimate series. Want to know how all the fighter books are connected? Lori wrote a blog post all about it!
    • Leese Phelps and Catalina Nicholson's story. Readers met Leese in the Ultimate series.

Hard Justice

(Original Release: March, 2017)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-1488022784

    • Justice Wallington and Fallon Wade's story. Readers met Justice in the Ultimate series.

Under Pressure

(Reissued Story: May, 2017)
Harlequin ·  ISBN: 978-1410499929

    • This is the large print hardback edition of Under Pressure.

Close Contact

(Original Release: November, 2017)

    • Miles Dartman's story. Readers met Miles in the Ultimate series.

Fast Burn

(Coming: March, 2018)

    • Brand Berry's story. Readers met Brand in the Ultimate series.

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